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"Break ANY Horse From Cribbing in Just Minutes - Without Painful Collars"

"Made From The Most Bitter Substance on EARTH! This New Powerful Liquid Cribbing Solution is So Foul Tasting  Even Life-Long Cribbers will Stop Cribbing Instantly - Or Its FREE!"

Bitterlicks Anti-Horse Cribbing 

Only $19.95

  Dear Fellow Horse Owner,

Do you have a cribbing horse you can't seem to break?

Are you worried that one horse teach your other horses to crib? Are cribbing collars and cribbing rings too cruel a solution for you, of just flat not working?

I fully understand,  I felt the same way.

Hi, my name is Jason and I want to tell you an eye opening story about horse cribbing that will probably surprise you...

"Why Horses Crib - You'll NEVER Guess This..."

Ok, Lets get started...Do you know why horses crib in the first place? The answer might shock you…

To get high - SERIOUSLY!

I know that sounds funny but it’s true. Yep, horses actually get high by windsucking, the act of sucking in air and making themselves hyperventilate, they just have to bite down on something to start the process... that's where cribbing starts.

What’s worse? 9 times out of 10 "good" horses learn to crib by watching other cribbing horses. So, if you have a cribbing horse, even one,  your entire stable could be at risk!

Cribbing can RUIN an otherwise great horse fast.

Cribbing causes teeth problems, gum problems, stomach ulcers, colic, and in rare cases, even death, not to mention the property damage that a cribbing horse can cause in your stable in your stalls, stall doors, even the fencing outside, wherever they want to crib, it’s a destructive habit.

"How to Break Your Horse from Cribbing"

So how do you break your horse from cribbing? Well, it ain’t that easy, but it is possible. Until now, there have really only been 2 viable options:

Cribbing collars and cribbing rings, both have their problems.

Option #1 Cribbing Collars (BAD)

Cribbing CollarCribbing collars are basically “Choke Collars” for horses. They apply pressure to the throat when horses tries to crib cutting off their air supply, here’s an example. (picture to the right) 

Cribbing collars like this one and like most others, whether it be the standard versions or the specialty ones like the miracle collar have to be tight to work and horses invariably know how to get out of these collars.

Cribbing collars do work, but the downside is horses often can’t eat or drink with them on and they can be dangerous and painful because the horses will their collar on things in the stable or outside or things in the pasture and it can be very dangerous.

I’ve heard of several instances where horses struggling to get their collars off snag them on something and end up almost hanging themselves.

Option #2 Cribbing Rings (WORSE)

Cribbing RingsThe second option is “Cribbing Rings” these are surgically implanted brass rings that are skewered through the horses gums, that makes it very painful for the horse to bite down on anything. Here’s an example, it’s pretty grotesque.

Cribbing rings work too... I mean they do have some success, but have several downsides.

First, they are VET applied and usually pretty expensive, second, they are downright cruel and painful and horses routinely rip them out causing additional infections and expensive dental work

."Finally, A Safe Cribbing Solution That Works Instantly"

Now there is a 3rd and much better option, they are called bittering solutions or bitterants for short.

Bitterants work safely, by taste. Basically, apply this sprayable liquid to any surface your horse cribs on and the taste is so repulsive most horses stop cribbing instantly.

They work better than rings and collars and cause no harm to your horse other than a bad taste in their mouth.

The only downside to using bitterants is, and this is a downside, if you get the substance on your hands or in your mouth, you will remember it for a long time, it tastes absolutely horrible.Bitterlicks Anti-Horse Cribbing

The most powerful bitterant available on the market today is Bitterlicks™ , it’s made from Denatonium Benzoate, that's a very scientific name, that simply means: the most bitter substance known to man or animal.

Usually one taste is all it takes to convince your horse to stop cribbing. Just one.

Developed for Professional Use...

Bitterlicks™  was developed for professional boarding stables that can’t afford to ruin the horses they keep, but now Bitterlicks™  is available direct to you.

In fact, If your horse is cribbing and you want to break them fast, you can get Bitterlicks™  right now from this website at a deep discount.

"Most Powerful Anti-Cribbing Solution Available To The Public"

In the past Bitterlicks™  was sold commercially to stable owners for as much as $49 a bottle, but you won’t pay anywhere near that much.

You’re not going to pay $49.00 for it, $29.00 no way… not even $27.00 (the price it sells for on Amazon.com

Today you can get enough Bitterlicks™  to treat one stall for an entire year for just $19.95, that’s 60% off the retail price plus…

"You Get This 213 Page Horsemanship Course as a
FREE Bonus for Acting Today"

Try Bitterlicks™  today and  I'll give your The World's  Greatest Horsemanship Training Course absolutly free (a $69 Value) as my way of saying thanks.

This is 8 sections, 213 pages in all in PDF format, yours is packed with the best horse training advice ever written by the great Prof. Jesse Berry.

This course sells online from $49-$197 and I want you to have one. You'll be amazed at the tricks and shortcuts you'll find in here.

To get Bitterlicks™  right now from our secure 2 minute form, just click the blue link below...

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Bitterlicks™  is 100% Guaranteed to work for you or your money back, there’s no small print, it works or its free. That’s it.

I do have to tell you this is a very limited time promotion and Bitterlicks™  will return to its normal price of $27-$49 per bottle pretty soon, so it’s time to get yours now while it's on sale.

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"Our Iron Clad 100% 60 Day GUARANTEE"

Bitterlicks™ , like all products from Planet Amazing, is backed by our unconditional 60 guarantee. No questions and no hassles.

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with any product that Planet Amazing produces, simply return the unused portion anytime within two full months for a 100% money back refund.

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Are you ready to break your horse from cribbing?

We recommend spraying every where your horse cribs starting in their stalls. Under ideal conditions and regular application Bitterlicks™  can be effective for up to 60 days! No other product is nearly as effective as Bitterlicks™ .Bitterlicks Anti-Horse Cribbing

Ordering Options

Select the Bitterlicks™  package that best serves your needs.

One 16 oz concentrated bottle treats approximately 1 stall  and it's effects last for approximately 60 days.

To order by phone call us M-F 9 am to 9 pm Central Standard Time at 1.877.365.0970

Try one 16 oz. concentrated Bitterlicks™
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Wholesale Quantities Available Click Here

For Questions Email sales@bitterlicks.com or Call  877.365.0970

Common Questions About Horse Cribbing and Bitterlicks™

Q: Can Bitterlicks™ be used on metal and plastic stalls?

A: Absolutely. Bitterlicks™ was originally designed for wooden stalls. However, we have seen it work successfully on metal and plastic. It has a binding ingredient that allows it to adhere to almost any surface. When applied on metal or plastic surfaces, it does seem to drip off. However, the active ingredient does indeed bind. Make no mistake, you may have to apply multiple treatments. Here's a Hint: We have also seen great success when applied to fabric that has been wrapped onto the metal or plastic

Q: Can Bitterlicks™  harm my horse?

A: No. Bitterlicks™ tastes awful, even more so than you can imagine, but it cannot harm you or your horse in any way. It is safe and non-toxic.

Q: How much do I use?

A: Bitterlicks™ is enough to treat at least 1 complete stall or 1 round pen. Just spray Bitterlicks™  anywhere your horse can crib. One taste or two is usually all it takes, but Bitterlicks™ lasts up to a 60 days just in case.

Q: What's in Bitterlicks™?

A: Bitterlicks™ contains the highest concentration of denatonium benzoate available on the market in a liquid suspension.

Q: Do I need to muzzle my horse while using Bitterlicks™?

A: Absolutely not. To the contrary, let him try a taste in his favorite cribbing place. One or two tastes is all it usually takes.

Q: What if Bitterlicks™ doesn't work?

A: It always does! But just in case, we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

Q: How is Bitterlicks™ shipped?

A: All orders are shipped in plain, discreet boxes via FedEx.

"WARNING: Doing NOTHING Could Ruin Your Other Horses"

P.S. Remember, if you do nothing, your horse will continue cribbing until it causes real harm or worse, other horses in your stable will learn how to crib from one bad horse. Just go ahead and get Bitterlicks™  right now, just click the big orange button below.

 **UPDATE:** Sale Ending Soon

P.P.S. This could be your last chance to save your cribbing horse and save 60% off Bitterlicks™  at the same time. It works, and it’s guaranteed to work for you. Don’t wait, get Bitterlicks™  right now, just click the big orange button below or if you feel you need to call we have a toll free number at 877.365.0970. All you have to do is try, we will see you on the other side.

Try Bitterlicks™  Now Risk Free

For Questions Email mailto:sales@bitterlicks.com or Call  877.365.0970

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